Who Am I?

Reclaim Yourself and Your Life after Divorce

This course is about finding your 🌟North Star, reclaiming your identity, and finding your direction again after a divorce or breakup

You are amazing and fabulous!

If you don't yet know that to be true you are in the right place ✔️


When you know and understand yourself better, you will feel more CONFIDENT about creating a new life for yourself

This will help you FREE yourself from the past, move on and feel positive and comfortable about your opportunities for your future

When you are comfortable with yourself and who you are, you will

know you are loved and valued

(not just when you are in a relationship)

You will find inner peace and contentment

even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty

and you will be empowered to make decisions and

take control of your own life

Many feel like a failure because their marriage has ended,

they struggle to maintain self-confidence and self-esteem,

and as a result they struggle to trust their own judgment

and decision-making abilities

The aim of this course is for you to be able to

see yourself and your situation differently,

and help you to

🌟Understand what happened and why  

🌟Discover who you really are (which is powerful and fabulous!)  

🌟Know what it means to be living life as the true you, and how to do that  

🌟Have some ideas for making practical changes to consolidate your new understandings  

🌟Be able to maintain the momentum as you continue to discover more about yourself

When you feel better about yourself and your abilities you can:

🌟Find a renewed sense of identity and self-worth outside of the context of a relationship

🌟Heal from past traumas or emotional wounds that may have

contributed to the breakdown of the marriage

🌟Experience a sense of purpose and meaning in life again

🌟Find a sense of freedom and independence

This is a fabulous gift to give to yourself!

What others are saying:

“This course exceeded my expectations. Sara gives a multitude of tools to help you understand yourself and your emotions as well as how to handle those emotions.”

Cara F, Florida, USA

“I feel in a much better place, I’ve let go of things, and am more compassionate with myself. Thank you, I have taken another stepping stone towards my future with compassion.”

Geraldine S, California, USA

“This wasn’t a quick fix or sticking plaster for my troubles, but it was absolutely necessary to give me a greater understanding of myself and set me on the path to recovery.”

Katie P, Peterborough,UK


With divorce there are feelings of sadness and loss, and the
grief can be overwhelming.

Add in uncertainty about the future and the overwhelm can become outright terror!

Breakup brings with it

struggles around loneliness or feelings of isolation,

especially when accompanied by changes in your social networks and

uncertainty around relationships with others.


I'm Sara Gibbons.

I was lost and alone when my marriage broke up.

I was without hope.

I honestly felt my life was over, and it nearly was.

Fast forward to now and things are very different and frankly so much better than when I was married - even though I thought I was happy at the time!

My aim in everything I do is to help people have a better relationship with themselves because I know that when that happens everything else begins to fall into place and life starts to flow.

And I want YOU to be able to do that as quickly as possible.

This course aims to ensure that you have the understanding and tools you need to help clear the past and move yourself forward in your life"

Who Am I?

Reclaim Yourself and Your Life after Divorce

will help you because

When you are happy with the person you are, when you are at peace with the journey you have taken to get where you are, then all judgement can stop.

No-one can change the past, but you can choose where you go from here.

When you are at peace within yourself the dramas can go on around you but you don’t have to get sucked into them.  

I did this, and I KNOW you can do it too!

You really can!

And that is what I want for you too.

I want you to...

  • To get out of bed every morning excited for what the day will bring you

  • To feel back in control of the direction of your life

  • To experience the difference across the board as your confidence and self-esteem grows

Here's What You're Going To Get When You Join:

1 Welcome

🌟1.1 Hello and welcome to ‘Who Am I? Reclaim Yourself and Your Life after Divorce'

 In this course, I’m going to share with you some key tools to help you reconnect with your true self, the gorgeous, confident, beautiful you that has been broken by the trauma of the loss of a committed long-term relationship. In the coming modules, I look forward to sharing some life-changing tools and guidance to help you both rediscover yourself and begin to build a wonderful and fulfilling life for yourself. So, let's get started!

🌟1:2 Who Am I? My Story

🌟1:3 Task One – Reduce stress and increase energy

🌟1:4 Action Step One – A way to keep you on track

🌟1:5 Action Step Two – A tool to help clear the old and make way for the new

FAQ image

2 What Happened and Why

🌟2:1 Introduction-Divorce is not the end and it doesn't define you

🌟2:2 Starting to Reclaim Your True Identity

🌟2.3 Task Two – Changing perspective

🌟2:4 Vision for the future

🌟2:5 Action Step Three- Embedding a new perspective Gratitude, Appreciation, Acceptance, Letting Go, Being Loving

🌟2:6 The lie of the fairy tale – it’s time to re-evaluate

🌟2:7 How did I get to this point?

🌟2:8 Why did you get married?

🌟2:9 Conclusion and key takeaways of Section 2

FAQ image

3 Discovering Who You Really Are (Powerful and Fabulous!)

🌟3.1 Introduction: Enjoy Discovering You and Your Self Worth

🌟3:2 Task Four – Raising Self Appreciation and Self Esteem

🌟3:3 Knowing your value

🌟3:4 Task Five – What gets in the way of you being you?

🌟3:5 Do you feel responsible for others?

🌟3:6 Are others responsible for you?

🌟3:7 The pitfall of people pleasing

🌟3:8 Why is it so hard to change behaviour, even if you know it's for the better?

🌟3:9 Action Step Five- Consolidating what you have uncovered

🌟3:10 Conclusion and Key Takeaways of Section 3

FAQ image

4 Living Life As The True You

🌟4.1 Introduction: The Barrier

🌟4:2 The Power of Conditioning:"It's as much about what you stop doing, as what you do"

🌟4:3 Moving Through Conditioning- Being In The Present

🌟4:4 Moving Through Conditioning - Question Everything

🌟4:5 Moving Through Conditioning - See Others As Your Mirror

🌟4:6 Conclusion and Key Takeaways of Section 4

FAQ image

5 Making Practical Changes

🌟5:1 Introduction - Simple and Practical Steps to Reinforce Your Self Identity and Self Worth

🌟5:2 Making Space for the new

🌟5:3 Healthy Lifestyle

🌟5:4 Conclusion and key takeaways of Section 5

FAQ image

Next Steps: Maintaining The Momentum

🌟Congratulations! Course Summary

🌟More resources for you

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When you know how to break through the barriers you can flourish!

“I was able to look at myself and my life through a different lens

and put myself in the center of my life,

which transformed it in a way that now I’m able to

predict my own future by creating it.”

Nathalie D, Ohio, USA

“A fabulous course with a gentle yet dynamic content

which is presented in easy bite sized chunks,

so can be used without being overwhelmed to reclaim your life.

I would also add the content is relevant to all

although geared for divorce & break ups

it has gems all the way through to find ones-self &

aid personal understanding & development ❤”

Lisa J, Leeds UK

This course will help you gain clarity about yourself,

understand why you are in the situation you are in,

and guide you to the key areas to focus on,

so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel

and recover your sense of self

-And That's Not All!


I have 4 special bonuses for you

to help you further in your new life

BONUS #1 A straightforward guide to

Health and Self care

(Value: at least $47)

To get the most out of life, you need to feel well physically,

as well as mentally and emotionally.

Yet knowing how to do that can be elusive and confusing. There is so much varied and conflicting information, and easy to find yourself swamped and unsure where to start or what to change.

After 30+ years of researching health and wellness, both for myself and as a nutritional and health coach, this is my distilled guide to keeping it simple, manageable and above all, effective.

And it's yours for FREE as a bonus with this course.

If you feel well and energised then everything in life is so much easier.

BONUS #2 A fun guide to charting your progress

(Value: at least $27)

This flexible tool can be really useful to show you how things are changing over the weeks, particularly when progress is gradual.

It can be set up however you like, to fit with your topics and to suit your needs.

A guide to help you when you're feeling stuck trying to reach your goals

(Value: at least $27)

Does a happy fulfilling life seem out of reach?

Do your goals and dreams still seem too far away

or just not possible at the moment?

This simple tool will help you get unstuck

and on your way again.

BONUS #4 Divorce Be Gone, Let's Move On!

The Webinar

(Value: at least $47)

This powerful recorded webinar covers the 5 steps you need to be aware of in order to move on from your divorce and create your new life.

Over $300 Worth of Life-Changing Resources for JUST $147!!!

  • The course to help you back on your feet VALUE $147

  • PLUS

  • BONUS#1 A straightforward guide to Health and Self care VALUE $49

  • BONUS #2 A fun guide to charting your progress VALUE $29

  • BONUS #3 A guide to help you when you're feeling stuck VALUE $29

  • BONUS #4 Divorce Be Gone, Let's Move On! The Webinar VALUE $49

Total Value: OVER $300, But You Only Pay $147!!!

It’s time for a change – you don’t have to live the same
past over and over again

If your life isn’t working now then it’s time to take action – the trick is to know what action to take and it all starts with YOU

You take yourself everywhere you go so make sure you’re taking someone you know love and trust to do the best for you!

Remember the saying which is so true -
if you always do what you’ve always done you always get what you’ve always got.

If you want inner peace, a future that excites you and abundant love in your life, then grasp the opportunity to get that for yourself NOW!

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