Your success path to thriving after your breakup.

You KNOW that there is more to life than you’ve been experiencing lately.

TRUST that instinct because there is!

Don’t lose heart,

instead . . .

Are you ready to LIVE your purpose?

If you're looking to find peace with your breakup, reclaim your confidence, and

move forward with positivity and optimism for your future

then this Divorce Recovery Academy is what you have been looking for.

I know your heart longs for something more.


You yearn for the life you dream of, one full of love, joy, and peace. You long for a life that fulfils your potential, you know you have more to do, and more to give. But – you don’t know how to get there.


Your life has been turned upside down by the breakup, you don’t know who you are anymore, and you have lost trust in others, but more importantly you have lost trust in yourself.


You feel alone in dealing with the fallout of the breakup, and whatever you do to try to move forward you seem to end up still struggling to sustain the changes you want.

You’ve done enough struggling on your own!

You don’t need to do that anymore.

It's time to change… and the time is NOW


. . . just like these women have

after working with Sara

If you are feeling broken, betrayed, hopeless, and at the same time you feel like

you’re ready to do anything to get yourself out of this mess, I highly recommend starting with Sara. Everything else will magically come your way!

Nathalie M, USA

The programme delivered on all of its promises in full.

Katie P, UK

It’s a wonderful programme enabling both time for self and reconnection with self.

Looking deeper with support enables you to both release trauma and look forward

Geraldine S, USA

If any of these questions below resonate with you, you are in the right place!

How do I deal with the overwhelming sadness and grief?

Is it normal to feel anger, even long after the breakup?

How can I stop thinking about my ex all the time?

What can I do to cope with loneliness?

Will I ever truly get over the pain of the breakup?

How do I rebuild my self-esteem and confidence?

Is it okay to cry and express my emotions as much as I do?

What can I do to manage anxiety and depression during this time?

How do I forgive my ex for what happened?

And of course the big one - When will I start feeling like myself again?

Are you ready to kick your ex out of your head (and bed!)

and instead embark on a journey that puts you centre stage?

Whether you are in the middle of a divorce, are recently broken up, or are even several months or years down the line, if you are not where you want to be then welcome to the Divorce Recovery Academy!


Here you will be provided with tools, guidance, and unwavering support to help you not just survive but thrive after a breakup or divorce.


The Divorce Recovery Membership programme for 2023-2024

includes live monthly calls with Dr Sara Gibbons

Each month the live call will focus on a different topic


🌟Crafting Your Success Story: The foundation you need to move on

🌟Overcoming Hurdles:Navigating challenges and emerging stronger

🌟Strategies for thriving post-divorce

🌟How do I cope with the emotional pain and anger after divorce?

🌟How do I forgive and make sense of my feelings? Powerful exercises to help you let go

🌟How do I deal with financial changes after divorce? Some tips to help you cope

🌟How do I rebuild my self esteem after divorce? Finding renewed confidence

🌟Making new friends and handling changing social groups and allegiances

🌟Handling guilt and shame during and after divorce; and why you are NOT bad!

🌟Understanding and Overcoming Betrayal

🌟Managing co-parenting and the relationship with your ex

🌟How do I rebuild my identity after divorce? Answering the question 'Who am I?'

🌟How can I regain my trust in others after a divorce? Nothing seems to be going right!

🌟How do I cope with uncertainty and the loss of my sense of security after my breakup?

This is a fabulous gift to give to yourself.

No more playing small!

Each month there will also be a Focus Topic to explore together including

🧡The opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth

🧡Prioritising physical and mental well-being, with tips and support to smooth the path

🧡Understanding grief

🧡A 21 day Wellness Challenge, supporting simple changes to habits that can make all the difference

🧡Healthy ways to cope with stress and emotional pain

🧡Self Love:Giving yourself the priority you deserve

🧡Support setting short-term and long-term goals for life post-divorce. Having a sense of purpose and direction is be empowering.

🧡Improving communication skills, especially in co-parenting or when addressing post-divorce issues with the ex-spouse

🧡Discovering how to manage and regulate emotions effectively, as divorce often brings about intense emotional challenges.

🧡Efficiently managing time and responsibilities, especially where there are now additional responsibilities

🧡Establishing and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships, both personal and professional

🧡Self-Care for physical and mental Health

🧡Cultivating adaptability to embrace change and adjust to the new circumstances that divorce brings

🧡Emotional Well-Being Coping Strategies


When you join you also Instantly Get Access To
ALL Of These

LIFE-CHANGING Courses and resources to help you get back on track




Exclusive to Members:

Exclusive preview tasters and then access to the full course when published, all included in the membership


I want to give you the tools to
help you take focused action that will get you where you want to be,

No more floundering around like I did for years.

You can get where you want to be
fast, and make lifelong friends along the way!



When you join the Divorce Recovery Membership you will discover how to:

Understand Your Journey- Gain the clarity you've been seeking as we unravel the why's and how's of your past relationship. Understand your situation from a place of wisdom and insight, empowering you to move forward with confidence.


Develop Emotional Resilience- The membership programme is designed to help you build emotional resilience. Learn how to navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that often accompany a breakup, and emerge stronger and in control of your feelings.


Tap into Your Inner Strength- Uncover the incredible strength that resides within you. You'll be amazed at what you're capable of achieving as you reconnect with your inner power.


Find Forgiveness- Let go of the burdens of guilt, blame, and shame that may have been weighing you down. Discover how to achieve the liberating power of forgiveness, both for yourself and others.


Know Your Worth- Understand your true worth and value, independent of your past relationships. You are deserving of love, happiness, and success, and we'll help you recognize and embrace it.


Cultivate Self-Love- Rediscover the love that truly matters above all else – the love you have for yourself. Learn to prioritise self-care and self-compassion as you embark on a journey to profound self-love.

Move Forward with Confidence- Armed with newfound knowledge, resilience, self-worth, and self-love, you'll be ready to move forward with unwavering confidence and positivity. The future is yours to create, and I'll show you how.


Join other women who are also committed to transforming their lives. Each month, you'll gain access to expert guidance, live calls for teaching and Q+A’s, and exclusive resources designed to accelerate your healing and growth.

Your Empowered Future Awaits

The Divorce Recovery Academy monthly membership

is your passport to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Embrace the opportunity to rise
stronger, heal deeply, and step into the life you've always dreamed of.

Don't let your past define your future.  

Don’t let the decision of another affect the rest of your life.

Take the first step towards a remarkable transformation today.

Your success path for self worth and growth starts here.






and much more ...

But ( you may be asking) is this membership really for me?

The Divorce Recovery Membership is for you if you’re experiencing any of these after your breakup:

Overwhelming Grief over the loss of the relationship and the life you had envisioned.

Intense Sadness that can be sometimes difficult to manage.

Anxiety and Uncertainty about the future and what it holds.

Loneliness and feeling disconnected.

Regret and Self-Blame for choices made in the relationship.

Low Self-Esteem and a diminished sense of self-worth.

Trust Issues struggling to trust others after experiencing betrayal or hurt in the relationship.

Insecurity about your attractiveness, desirability, and ability to find love again.

Fear of Rejection or abandonment in future relationships.

Shame and even perhaps stigma associated with your divorce or a breakup.

Anger and Resentment towards your ex, yourself, or others.

An Identity Crisis and perhaps feeling lost without a relationship as a defining factor.

A Sense of Emptiness and lethargy.

Thoughts on almost constant repeat and replaying of past events and conversations.

Difficulty Letting Go of mementos, memories, or the hope of reconciliation.

Mood Swings

A Lack of Closure or unresolved issues from the past relationship.

Difficulty in Coping with daily stressors and responsibilities due to emotional turmoil.

This is not how we are meant to live and you don’t have to be in this pain any longer.

Membership of The Divorce Recovery Academy will help you discover a Path to Healing and Empowerment


Imagine a place where you can find unwavering support,

rebuild your self-esteem, and experience a newfound sense of empowerment.

Here are just a few more benefits:

Find A Sanctuary of Support

Find other women who understand your journey. No judgement, no condemnation, only compassion, and empathy.

Know How to Reclaim Your Self-Worth

Divorce or breakup doesn't define your worth. Our membership will help you shed the feeling of failure and rediscover your inner strength. You'll learn to maintain self-confidence and self-esteem, not because you're in a relationship, but because you are uniquely and beautifully you.

Feel Loved and Valued

Here you will find the love you've been seeking, not from external relationships, but from within. Discover the incredible journey to self-love, where you're truly valued for who you are, not just for being in a relationship.

Reclaim Inner Peace Even Amidst Chaos

Find inner peace and contentment even when life feels chaotic and uncertain. Major life changes like divorce are a challenge, but you don’t have to flounder around anymore, randomly looking for solutions. In the membership you’ll be provided with the tools and guidance to centre yourself, no matter the storm around you. When you can do that, you are able to make good decisions for yourself and those close to you.

Discover Empowerment and Control

From here you can take back the reins of your life and become the empowered decision-maker you were always meant to be. This membership will give you the confidence to make choices that align with your true self.

Learn to Relish Opportunities for Growth

Experience exciting new opportunities for personal growth and development. I’ll help you discover your potential and embrace every chance for positive transformation.

Live Life With Hope and Optimism

Renew your sense of hope and optimism for the future. The Divorce Recovery Membership has been set up to help uplift and inspire you to believe in the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.

Join us today, where you'll find the support,

and resources you need to help you rebuild your life and embrace a brighter and empowered future.

Say goodbye to loneliness, judgement, and self-doubt.

Say hello to a place that believes in your strength and resilience,

one that will help you to believe that too.

Your journey to healing and empowerment begins here:

What others have said about Sara

My time with Sara was like clearing a blocked drain.

I felt like I was in a hiatus, having done so much work to heal myself after my 30 year marriage ended 16 months earlier, but still struggling to process emotions.

Sara gave me tools to 'feel' and move through my sadness, anger or self-pity in a positive way, rather than bottling it up, dismissing it or spiralling further downwards.

If you want to focus on YOU, take charge of your destiny and move forward positively, this is a good place to start

Sarah B, UK

Sara gives SO many tricks, tools, and techniques to learn how to handle your emotions and to learn that you can be in control!

The change in me happened so subtly at first that I started referring to it as "sneaky coaching"!

When I started I was on 2 antidepressants. Now I've weaned off both. I've started to learn how to manage my own emotions, learn about what I can and can't control, and even learned how to handle my ex

Cara F, USA

  • The courses, VALUE over $500

  • PLUS

  • Monthly live calls with Sara, VALUE $300 per month

  • Resources and tools, VALUE OVER $500 and rising as more are added

  • Exclusive discounts to Sara's private coaching programme and 1:1 coaching - $ SIGNIFICANT

  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Monthly focus - $ PRICELESS

Total Value: OVER $1000+ and more , But You Only Pay $29/m

Being ready to grab the life you want is

not a feeling, it's a decision

And it happens when you decide . . .

  • - this life is your life to live

-you want the best life you can get and are prepared to take action to get it

-to be a creator not a victim

  • - you're not going to allow the decision of another to affect you for the rest of your life

  • - you've had enough of living the way you are, you know there must be more and by hell or high water you are going to find it!

When you're a member of The Divorce Recovery Academy you:

  • Can take your journey step by step, and develop a solid foundation from which to build your new life

  • Get thousands of dollars worth of content, resources and discounts, with more added all the time, for a small monthly fee

  • Have live monthly calls to help you keep on track and also take the next step at a fraction of the cost of therapy

  • Are part of a community where you belong, making new friends and receiving of support

  • Can find it easier to embed new more positive habits and ways of living because membership can give you accountability and consistency to help you get there fast.


When does the membership start?

The monthly membership is ongoing.  When you join you have access to all the resources and past calls.

How do I access the Membership Area

The first time you click to purchase your Divorce Recovery Academy membership,you will need to sign up and create your own login details.  As soon as you have paid your first $29 you will have full access. 

You will need to log in with your own login details each time you access the membership area.

It is recommended that you save The Divorce Recovery Academy to your favourites so that it is easy to find next time.  You will also be sent a welcome email with the link to your member's area for your reference.

Will the live calls be recorded so I can watch even if I can make it on the day?

Yes the calls will be recorded and placed in your members area where you can also find previous calls on past topics as well as added resources.

How long will I have access to the calls and information?

As long as you are a monthly member you have access to all the material on demand.

I'm really busy can I fit this in around other things?

All the material and resources are available for you to use whenever is a good time for you, and the live calls are recorded so you never need to miss a thing..

How will I be charged for the membership?

When you sign up for $29 USD, you will get immediate access to all the resources included in this membership from the first payment.Unless you cancel your subscription, you will then be automatically charged $29 (USD) per month 30 days after the day that you started your subscription. Your nominated payment method will be automatically deducted every 30 days.

You can cancel your subscription yourself at any time from within your learning dashboard, but as soon as you cancel, you immediately cease to have access to all of your training.

The price you pay initially is what you will always pay, unless you cancel.  If you return later, the then monthly payment will be applicable.  The membership is currently offered at an early bird rate, for a short period only.

Will the membership fee increase?

Not if you stay a member, no. Although the membership price will increase from time to time to reflect the huge additions of resources to the member's area planned over time, all existing members maintain their access at the same price FOR LIFE (as long as you don't cancel), and the price increases will only apply to new subscribers.

If you cancel, you are then considered a 'new' member again and if the price has increased, your monthly membership fee would reflect the most up to date pricing. If you do not cancel, your monthly membership fee will be honoured for as long as you maintain the payments and will include all future upgrades at no extra costs.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your membership at ANY time by emailing me here or via direct message in the Facebook Group, and your membership will instantly be cancelled. There are no minimum membership periods

What guarantees do you give that this will work for me?

I know what is in the membership makes a significant difference. Everything we cover I have used myself. I have also seen the significant changes in others as the testimonies show. However the benefit gained from the support and resources on offer will depend on your application to put in the work.

Will I get new courses and content?

Yes. All members will have new courses and content automatically added to their member dashboard at no extra cost to their monthly subscription.  New resources are not released monthly however.

Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

I do.  Members can reach out for individual sessions or a series at a discounted rate. Please go here to discuss this with me

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  •  Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation
  •  At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved

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